By General Secretary

Negotiations on a revised selection criteria for career advancement courses have concluded and the new criteria has been instituted through ‘A’ Administrative Instruction Part 10, Amendment No 35.

The new selection criteria should be used for selection for places on Potential NCO Courses; Standard NCO Courses; Senior NCO Courses and Logistics Accountancy Courses.  The new criteria are objective and standardised and represent a marked improvement on the previous criteria.

In a number of sections of the new criteria PDFORRA and the Military Authorities were unable to reach agreement.  The following were the key sections on which agreement could not be reached:

  • The award of marks for courses completed in the current rank only which the Military Authorities contend will encourage continuous training.  In PDFORRAs view courses completed while in any rank should be included.
  • Elements of the Naval Service criteria are different from the Army and Air Corps criteria.
  • In some cases the selection board has too much discretion.

The selection criteria for career advancement courses will be the subject of further review under the Croke Park Agreement Action Plan alongside course qualification criteria.  This will allow PDFORRA to re-visit the areas of disagreement at Conciliation Council level.



Issued on: 20/12/2013

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