Information Circular No 24/2013: Disagreement on Important Aspect of Overseas Selection Criteria

By General Secretary

Negotiations between PDFORRA and the Military Authorities have been taking place on a new Administrative Instruction CS 5.  The instruction deals with the administration of overseas service including the overseas selection criteria.

Following the negotiations the new instruction includes both agreed and disagreed matters – and in the important area of the overseas selection criteria no agreement could be reached.

The area of disagreement centres on the definition of a ‘consistent record of application’.  While it provides transparency and clarity – in PDFORRAs view it may give an advantage to those who are in a position to volunteer for overseas service at a level above that required of individuals by the PDF.  The group affected by this are those with the greatest family commitments who must balance these with the demands of the job in terms of overseas service.  PDFORRA is of the opinion that the measure as currently operated may constitute indirect discrimination on family or gender grounds under the Employment Equality Acts.

In PDFORRAs view the criteria should be changed to accommodate the ‘consistent record of application’ requirement within the limits of the record of application that the PDF deems necessary – thereby discounting un-necessary overseas service.

PDFORRA intends to scope out the weakness of the current selection criteria further – and determine the best way to challenge the measure.  This may require an individual represented by PDFORRA to mount a challenge under the Employment Equality Act citing indirect discrimination.

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