Information Circular No 23/2013: Status of RDF Allowance – Adjudication

By General Secretary

Following a long period of negotiation to try and reach agreement on the continued payment and status of RDF Allowances no agreement could be reached and the matter has been referred to Adjudication.  It is expected that the matter will be heard in the next 6 – 8 weeks.

The review of the status and continued payment RDF Allowance was sparked by the position of the Revenue Commissioners that the allowance should be subject to taxation in the normal way.  In this regard a tax liability to be met by the Department arose of approximately €1,000,000.

The Department contend that RDF Allowances are subsistence-based payments intended to cover expenses associated with serving with the RDF Cadre. Accordingly, the Department has proposed that a verifiable system for payments to RDF personnel on the basis of vouched subsistence which they claim is the norm across the Public Service.

PDFORRA contend that RDF Allowances are not, in fact, subsistence-based payments.  It is PDFORRAs view that   they were intended to compensate for the extra and unsocial attendance carried out by RDF Cadre members.  Moreover, personnel serving with the RDF Cadre do not enjoy the same access to facilities such as canteens, messes, gyms, subsidised meals, free rations etc.

The arguments and counter arguments regarding RDF Allowances are now set out in Conciliation Council Report No 449.  This will be supplemented by a submission to the Adjudicator making the case set out by PDFORRA.

Once the exact date of the Adjudication hearing known it will be notified to the relevant membership in the RDF cadre.

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