Information Circular No 18/2013: Un-Established Technician Pay

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Department has notified PDFORRA that it will no longer operate the previously agreed position on Un-Established Technician Pay which allowed Unit Commanders to sanction the payment where individuals were employed on the relevant technician duties.

The Department’s decision is based on the fact that the new CS4 was authorised on the basis that previously un-established positions would be regularised.  Those currently in receipt of un-established technician pay will retain such payments on a ‘personal to the holder’ basis pending the outcome of negotiations on how the payments will be treated into the future.  Members should be aware that the Department has indicated it wishes to see such payments bought out at the rate of 1.5 times the annual loss (see Information Circular 16/2013).

In support of the above position Formation and Unit commanders have been directed to ensure that no members of the Defence Forces are directed/requested to perform technical duties unless they are filling an appropriate technical appointment.

Where any of the above are not complied with members should contact PDFORRA with a view to bring forward claims where appropriate.

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