Information Circular No 16/2013: Technician Pay and Allowances Following the Re-Organisation

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Department has proposed that technician pay and certain allowances should be discontinued where individuals hold appointments in the revised CS4 that do not attract the relevant payment – and those concerned should receive compensation for loss of earnings calculated on the basis of 1.5 times the actual loss.

PDFORRAs position is that the Public Service Agreement 2010 – 2014 protects existing basic pay rates and that those concerned should, accordingly, continue to receive the payments.  All of those concerned have co-operated with the re-organisation of the PDF and should receive the protection of the Agreement.

Negotiations will commence on the issue shortly and if agreement is not reached the matter will be referred to adjudication/arbitration for decision.

Updates will be issued on the process as it moves forward to keep members informed especially where it may have an impact on pension.

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