Information Circular No 15/2013: Ballot on Haddington Road Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following extensive negotiations and assessment of proposals to achieve savings in the Defence Forces pay and pension bill, the National Executive has decided to recommend acceptance of the proposals in a ballot of the membership.

The proposals are outlined in the Haddington Rd Agreement and can be viewed on the PDFORRA website at or from local District Committees.  The proposals have been outlined in detail in most barracks at meetings over the preceding 6 week period and have been subject to one further clarification.


The proposed 10% reduction in the main duty allowances will be for the duration of the Agreement.  Following its expiry negotiations will take place on the restoration of the rates to current levels.


The main elements of the proposals are as follows:

  • A 10% cut to duty allowances and the flat rating of the Saturday/Sunday/DF Holiday SDA rates
  • The introduction of a longer incremental scale for new entrants’ wef 1st July 2013
  • A voluntary buy out of Border Allowance

The Agreement also provides for a number of counter balancing measures as follows:

  • A reduction in the amount of Pension Related Deduction paid between €15,000 and €20,000 of €125 per annum
  • An additional paid day off following a Sunday duty
  • The incorporation of the pay scales of those joining post 1st  Jan 2011 with those joining before this date


Members should expect to receive ballot papers in the next few weeks and should contact head office if they experience any difficulties in this process.

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