Information Circular No 11/2013: Qualifying Service for Pension Purposes.

By Industrial Relations Officer

In order for personnel to qualify for a 21 year pension all members should be aware of the following.

Any periods of unpaid leave do not qualify for pension purposes for example Special Leave/Career Breaks, Absents, Detention, Term Time, Carers Leave and Parental Leave.

Qualifying Service for pension purposes in calculated on the basis of having 21 years paid service and in order to qualify for a 21 year pension any shortfall above a 7 day unpaid period must be made up by re-engaging beyond 21 years.

All members are advised to check in order to insure that a total of 21 years service with pay have been completed before discharge after 21 years.

The same will apply for each year of qualifying service beyond 21 years up to 31 years.

3rd April 2013

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