Information Circular No 8/2013: Risks Associated With Playing Sports in the Defence Forces

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA supports Enlisted Personnel playing and representing the Defence Forces in Sporting Activities and personnel should be aware that they can be detailed on an on-going basis for sporting activities.  However, it is also incumbent on PDFORRA to point out the risks to members of PDFORRA associated with playing sports in the Defence Forces.

1.         The policy of the Defence Forces is not to extend private medical treatment to enlisted personnel.

2.         Unless members are covered by private health insurance cover they will be placed on the public waiting list and at a very minimum the waiting list would exceed one year.  In such circumstances if one wants to obtain private treatment, then they would have to fund that expenditure themselves out of personal resources and/or borrow same.

3.         Due to an injury personnel may be placed on a medical board or downgraded.

4.         As a consequence of down grading or medical board personnel may be discharged from the Defence Forces as they would be below army medical standards.  Even if a person is not discharged from the Defence Forces they may be prohibited undergoing career courses or going overseas which will, of course, in and of itself eventually lead to personnel not being retained in the Defence Forces at the end of a period of service.

5.         No concessions will given to Enlisted Personnel by virtue of the fact that

            (a)        Members were detailed to participate in Sports.


            (b)       Members were playing for or representing the Defence Forces.

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