Information Circular No 10/2013: Selection Criteria for Career Courses

By Industrial Relations Officer

Negotiations will commence in the near future on the selection criteria for career courses and will address the following courses:

  • Potential NCO Course
  • Standard NCO Course
  • Senior NCO Course
  • Logistics Accountancy Course

The outcome of the negotiations will replace the criteria outlined in D COS (Sp) letter dated 31st July 2006.  The existing policy on selection criteria for career courses was outlined at ADC 2005 and provides that selection should be built around the following principles:

  • Personnel should be applicants
  • Uniform criteria should be introduced for selection for career courses
  • The criteria should see panels established in units/sub-units to fill career courses

The introduction of an agreed selection criteria for career courses forms part of the Croke Park Agreement modernisation agenda.  Copies of the Military Authorities proposals are available from District Committees – and submissions on same and the ultimate PDFORRA position are invited.

24th March 2013

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