PDFORRA Says Barrack Closures Will Yield Little Additional Revenue And Are Un-Necessary


PDFORRA, the association representing soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the Defence Forces, has stated that Government consideration of barrack closures as part of the solution to the current financial crisis will yield little in the way of additional revenue and are not necessary. PDFORRA is responding to speculation in the media that the Government will seek additional barrack closures to help solve the financial crisis”.

PDFORRAs Deputy General Secretary, Mr Simon Devereux said “The further closure of barracks is un-necessary and will yield very little in the way of additional revenue for Government because little demand exists for additional land banks for construction at this time. Indeed, such action would lead to further costs associated with the up-grading of certain barracks”.

PDFORRA has opposed the closure of further Army barracks following the closure of eight barracks in the 1990s. PDFORRA argues that the Defence Forces relies on local recruitment and this requires a network of barracks around the country.

Mr Devereux also said “That the Army’s network of barracks around the country supports the Government’s decentralisation plan and provides good employment opportunities in areas that have a shortage of such opportunities. Given this it makes no sense to close any of them”.

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