Information Circular No 36/2012: Extension of Croke Park Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has been invited to engage in a talks process on the possible extension of the current Croke Park Agreement.  The invitation has also been issued to the Public Services Committee of the ICTU and it is expected that the main talks will commence in January or February 2013.

The Government’s opening position is that savings of the order of €1 Billion will be required from the Public Service in addition to those already being delivered under the Croke Park Agreement.  In return for agreeing the extension of the agreement the Government will make the following commitment:

“No cuts will be made in ‘core pay’ and there will be no compulsory redundancies”.

In PDFORRAs view the existing Croke Park Agreement protects ‘pay rates’ and the different emphasis suggests that certain payments will not be protected by any new agreement.

PDFORRA has a number of issues to raise should it be decided to enter the talks including the very substantial contribution that Enlisted Personnel have made to date in the form of pay cuts, pension related deduction and tax increases.

The National Executive Committee will consider the matter in the New Year and decide on how to approach the issue.  Further information will be issued when a decision is made on this matter.


Issued on 19th Dec 2012

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