Value for Money (VFM) Review of the Reserve Defence Force and Reorganisation of the Reserve Defence Force

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Minister for Defence has accepted the recommendations of A Value for Money (VFM) Review of the Reserve Defence Force The Reserve Defence Force is comprised of the First Line Reserve, the Army Reserve (formerly an FCÁ) and the Naval Service Reserve (formerly an Slua Muirí).  The Minister has also accepted the proposed re-organisation of the Reserve Defence Force (RDF) arising in response to the VFM Review.

The full text of the Value for Money Review of the Reserve Defence Force can be viewed on the Department of Defence website

 Key points include:

  • A new “Single Force” concept will see PDF Units having Reserve components, rather than a separate stand-alone Reserve.
  • A geographic spread for the Reserve will be achieved between existing Permanent Defence Force locations and the retention of 16 external locations.  This consolidation into an effective organisation will entail the amalgamation and closure of Units throughout the country.  Recruitment is also envisaged where this is necessary to achieve the numbers required in particular locations.
  • The strength of the Army Reserve and Naval Service Reserve will be reduced from its current 4,500 personnel to 4,069 personnel.  This will be achieved through natural turnover.  Implementation of the new organisational structures will require participation and flexibility from existing Reserve personnel.
  • The Naval Service Reserve of 200 personnel and be based in four locations.
  • The number of PDF personnel available to work full-time with the Army Reserve and Naval Service Reserve is being reduced from the current 261 PDF personnel to 57 full time PDF personnel.  Additional support will be provided from PDF Units.
  • Implementation of the re-organisation, including regulatory provision for the new Reserve organisation, will be progressed in tandem with the broader re-organisation of the PDF.  As with the PDF, there will be an implementation process to achieve the transition from current structures to the new structures.  In the intervening period, the military authorities will ensure the continuity of Reserve training.

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