PDFORRA Concerned About Medical Services


Speaking at the PDFORRA annual Delegate Conference in Westport today, Willie Webb, President PDFORRA said, “A current review of the Defence Forces Medical Services is leading to speculation on the future of our specialist medical services, especially in the context of our main military hospital at St. Bricins, Dublin, being moved to the Curragh. This is a serious issue as the Curragh hospital is not in a position to accommodate the specialist services now based at St Bricins”.

PDFORRA now holds the view that plans to close St. Bricins will lead to a massive further downgrading of the specialist services provided by the Medical Corps. The provision of an effective, efficient and specific services for military personnel both at home and overseas in hugely important for morale and for standard health and safety reasons”.

“PDFORRA today calls on the Minister for Defence to clearly state that irrespective of the geographic location of our main hospital, that the Medical Corps will continue to provide the specialist services available at St. Bricins”

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