Information Circular No 30/2012 – Outcome of the Review of Public Service Allowances and Premium Payments

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Department of Public Service and Reform recently published their review of Public Service Allowances and Premium Payments.  The following changes are proposed for the Defence Sector:

Proposed Allowances to be Abolished for New Beneficiaries:        It is proposed that the following allowances paid to members of the Defence Forces will NOT be paid to new beneficiaries: – 

  • NCO Account Holders
  • Health and Safety Officer Allowance
  • Principle Military Appointments Entertainment Allowance
  • Entertainment Allowance
  • Chaplains Housekeeping Allowance
  • Editors Connect and Cosantoir Allowance
  • Election Gratuity Allowance
  • Leading Instrumentalist Allowance
  • Underwear and Night Attire Allowance
  • Travel Warrants

PDFORRA are now considering these matters and will engage in discussions with the Department regarding details of changes to allowances and, where appropriate, will activate the dispute resolution mechanism.

Updates of discussions with the Department will be published in a follow up information circulars.  In addition, the review has recommended that certain payments will be the subject of further review.

                                                                                                             Issued on 22nd Oct 2012

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