Information Circular No 29/2012 – Clarification of TI 5/2004 – Leaving Certificate

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following recent enquiries from members regarding the payment of fees for Leaving Certificate exams, registration and exam correction, Military C&A have confirmed the following:

1.         That while the TI is silent on the matter of costs NO provision is made in DDFT’s budget for payment of fees.

 2.         That this fact has been promulgated to certain Formations and will be made known to ALL Formations in future advertisements.


PDFORRA, as an organisation, have strived for the improvement in educational opportunities for members of the Defence Forces, and recognise the contribution made by the Military Authorities to this end through the various educational schemes.

However, in light of current financial circumstances, PDFORRA feel it incumbent on all personnel to be aware of the outlays involved in any educational courses and the limitations of funding available.

                                                                                                             Issued on 22nd Oct 2012

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