PDFORRA National Executive to Recommend Acceptance of National Wage Agreement Negotiated by ICTU


The National Executive of PDFORRA, the association representing soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the Defence Forces, will recommend acceptance of the proposed National Wage Agreement to its members once the associated modernisation agenda is agreed. PDFORRA were offered to opportunity to engage in parallel talks during the negotiations but declined to do so.

Gerry Rooney, PDFORRA General Secretary said “The National Executive has considered the terms of the proposed agreement and believes they are the best that can be achieved at this time. It will probably see PDFORRA members receive an increase which will not match inflation and undergo a prolonged pay freeze of 11 months duration – and this will not be easy. However, there does not appear to be an alternative for our membership”.

PDFORRA had been offered the opportunity to engage in parallel talks with the Department of Finance and Defence during the negotiations but did not take part in them. Gerry Rooney further stated that “The parallel talks cannot offer an alternative to those engaged in between ICTU, IBEC and the Government. It is our view that they are offered in an effort to distance PDFORRA from the trade union movement”.

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