Information Circular No 28/2012 – Pay Section Request for Details of Lost Allowances

By Industrial Relations Officer

SPS recently sought information from Units regarding the details of allowances that would be lost by personnel as a result of the re-organisation of the army from 3 to 2 brigades.

This matter has been clarified in discussions with the Department.  The Department has confirmed that the document will be amended and the reference to allowances will be removed.

The Department have again confirmed that during the initial re-organisation period members assigned new appointments that do not attract technician pay and allowances they held in previous appointments will continue to hold same.  Following this initial period up to the 30th November 2012 the situation will be reviewed – and negotiations will take place on the definitive position in relation to these payments.  This position was notified in Information Circular 25/2012.

                                                                                                             Issued on 22nd Oct 2012

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