Information Circular No 27/2012 – Update on Promotion Competitions

By Industrial Relations Officer

Discussions on the essential qualifications for appointments as outlined in Annex XYZ have concluded.  This will allow the promotion competitions that have been finalised to commence and, in pursuit of this position, it is now expected that the Order of Merits will be issued from next week.  Offers of promotion will commence after the issuing of the order of merit positions.

Final agreement could not be reached on elements of Annex XYZ.  The issues on which agreement could not be reached will be re-visited when the promotion agreement is reviewed next year and, if necessary, dealt with through the third party dispute resolution mechanism under the Croke Park Agreement.

Promotions in the Naval Service have been progressing for a number of weeks since the Order of Merit lists were issued.

The promotion competitions in respect of Tech 3 – 6 grades will commence when the interview and assessment process is finished in the Air Corps and the appropriate interleafing is completed.  This will allow the issuing of the Order of Merit list to be followed by offers of promotion.


                                                                                                Issued on 13th Sept 2012

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