Information Circular No 25/2012 – Technician Pay & Allowances On Re-Organisation


Following discussions with PDFORRA the Military Authorities will shortly issue ADMINO 02/12 regarding the implementation of the Defence Forces Re-organisation Plan 2012.  The document will specifically provide for the retention of border allowance in accordance with the Adjudicator’s finding of 28th August 2009.  The assignment process provides, where possible, for the assignment of members to similar appointments including those attracting technician pay and allowances.  The position in respect of all other elements of pay and allowances remains to be definitively determined.

The Department have agreed that during the initial re-organisation period members assigned new appointments that do not attract technician pay and allowances they held in previous appointments will continue to hold same. Following this initial period up to the 30th November 2012 the situation will be reviewed – and negotiations will take place on the definitive position in relation to these payments.

In negotiations to date PDFORRA has adopted the view that all such payments should be held on a personal-to-the-holder basis.  This was the position in relation to technician pay and allowances following the 1998 re-organisation of the Army and also the 2001 re-organisation of the Naval Service and Air Corps.

When discussions resume PDFORRA will continue to seek the personal-to-the-holder arrangements in respect of technician pay and allowances.  If no agreement can be reached the matter may be referred to the third party dispute resolution mechanism as as the case with border allowance in 2009.

Issued on 31st Aug 2012

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