Information Circular No 24/2012 – Re-Organisation Re-Assignment Criteria


The Military Authorities will shortly issue ADMINO 02/12 regarding the implementation of the Defence Forces Re-organisation Plan 2012.  ADMINO 02/12 will outline the assignment process and criteria to be used to populate the new organisation and has been arrived at following discussions with PDFORRA.  The main difference in the approach of the Military Authorities on this occasion is that the concept of Serving without Appointment will not exist.

The main elements of the criteria in respect of members directly impacted by the change process are as follows:

Hold the substantive rank of the appointment in question

  • In the case of Sgts and higher, those who hold the assignment qualifications for the  appointment outlined in Annex XYZ – and where a number of individuals meet these criteria the re-assignment board will consider the following matters in the following order:

1.         If the individual had to change station following barrack closure during the period 1st August 2008 to 1st August 2012

2.         Length of service in the Rank relevant to the appointment

3.         Length of service

Those who are not covered by this initial process may be assigned appointments to meet the operational requirements of the Defence Forces using the criteria outlined at point 1, 2 and 3.  All re-assignments and postings may be reviewed using agreed criteria.  PDFORRA will provide assistance as necessary in this area.

The Military Authorities have emphasised that they wish to minimise the disruption caused by the re-organisation process and, where possible, will use all practical alternatives including re-skilling to avoid this happening. PDFORRA will be consulted on these measures.

Additional information will be issued shortly on other aspects of the re-organisation process and the industrial relations issues involved.  On this and all other related issues PDFORRA is applying comparable criteria to those applied in conjunction with unions in other areas of the public service.

Issued on 27th Aug 2012

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