Information Circular No 15/2012: Certified Sick Leave Arrangements

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following numerous enquiries from PDFORRA members, it is necessary to confirm that there have been no changes to the Certified Sick Leave Arrangements and the associated arrangements for pay for Enlisted Personnel of the Permanent Defence Forces.

However, members should be aware that the Public Service Agreement (Croke Park Agreement) 2010 – 2014, provides for a review of current certified sick leave entitlements/processes.

Under the Defence Sector element of the Croke Park Agreement, both sides agreed to “a review of current certified sick-leave entitlements/processes and, in that context, consider among other things the application of civil service norms in relation to salary payments for long-term sick leave”.

The civil service norm provides that following sick leave of six (6) months duration pay is reduced to 50% and after twelve (12) months it drops to the pension rate.

In addition to the foregoing, the existing civil service norm in respect of sick leave pay arrangements is under review.

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