Information Circular No 10/2012 Implementation of NCO Promotion Competition 2012

By Deputy General Secretary

Implementation of NCO Promotion Competition 2012


The 2012 NCO Promotion Competition has commenced and will operate over the coming months.

In relation to the requirement to have completed an annual medical in the 12 months before commencement, PDFORRA flagged the difficulty with this requirement given the shortage of MOs in discussions prior to completing the agreement. The Department and the Military Authorities indicated that they were aware of this problem and that it would be overcome. PDFORRA is confident that the Department and Military Authorities will correct the problem which will see members who have not been able to complete an annual medical entering the competition.

PDFORRA is advising all its members who meet all the eligibility criteria for the promotion competition save with the exception of the annual medical related criteria    to submit the application to take part in the promotion competition (and if refused to retain a copy of the application). Where members are being advised by COs that they are not eligible this advise is to be ignored as failure to apply before the last day for receipt of applications is likely to see members excluded from the competition.

The Department and the Military Authorities have an obligation to organise annual medicals and fitness test for members of the PDF. It is common knowledge that this has not been possible because of the shortage of MOs. There are a range of options that they could adopt regarding annual medical related criteria to facilitate the estimated 500 personnel who need the annual medicals. PDFORRA have made suggestions in this regard.

The bottom line is that annual medicals will have to be provided, conducted later or previous annual medicals taken into account to allow members to meet the eligibility criteria. While this is being worked on all members interested in promotion should apply to take part in the competition regardless of their ability to meet the annual medical related criteria.


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