Information Circular No 8/2012: Payment of Un-Established Tech Pay and Allowances

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has been processing claims on behalf of a number of groups of members who were having difficulty in receiving un-established technician pay and instructor’s allowance.  Following discussion with the conciliation and arbitration branch an instruction has been issued which would appear to resolve the outstanding matters as follows:

“At a Pay and allowances meeting with PDFORRA this morning, it was agreed that in line with those in receipt of un-established tech posts being eligible to also receive instructors allowance that those in receipt of unestablished tech pay could receive instructors allowance when entitled to do so.  Therefore can you change their designation on the corepay system from being mutually exclusive to being allowed to be paid at the same time”.

This development has seen all those involved in the claims paid inclusive of arrears and should see demands for payments of overpayments discontinued.

If members have not been treated in accordance with the terms outline in this circular they are asked to contact their local committee or national office to resolve any outstanding matters.

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