Information Circular No 4/2012: Outstanding Per Diem Payments 104th INF BN

By Industrial Relations Officer

A mechanism for the payment of outstanding Per Diem in respect of members of the 104th Inf Bn, UNIFIL has been confirmed.

The outstanding monies will be lodged by UNIFIL HQ into the Defence Forces 105th Inf Bn Contingent NSE Account.  Finance Branch DOD will then facilitate the process by paying the outstanding amounts to returned 104th Inf Bn members through the payroll.

In addition, queries have been made regarding the entitlement of members of the 104th Inf Bn to Holiday Pay.  It has been confirmed by reference to the relevant UN Field Finance Manual that entitlement only arises if a full six month period of overseas service is completed.  No Holiday Pay is payable if an individual is repatriated prior to completion of the six month period and it cannot be pro-rated for completion of a fraction of the six month period.

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