Information Circular No 31/2011 – Period of Notice of Intention to Retire

By Industrial Relations Officer

In July 2011, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in a Memo instructed that all public servants (including members of the Defence Forces) who are intending to retire before February 29th 2012 must give three months notice.

PDFORRA sought clarification from the Department of Defence on the relevance of the three months notice for members of the Defence Forces with particular reference to DFRs covering pre-discharge leave (PDL).

In recent correspondence from the Department of Defence, PDFORRA have been informed that “there is no prohibition on a person withdrawing their notice up to the date indicated as the last day of service”.

Members please note that no regulatory requirement exists to compel members retiring to provide three months notice.  However, the fact that members must take pre-discharge leave means that notice of retirement is, in most cases, actually given.

All members considering retiring before February 29th 2012 should be aware that failure to give 3 months notice could result in delays in payments of pension benefits and other payments due.

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