By Industrial Relations Officer

The Military Authorities have decided to proceed with the introduction of a Medical Questionnaire for all members of the Defence Forces.  This follows discussions on the matter over a period of months.

While PDFORRA is opposed to the introduction of the Medical Questionnaire the final decision on matters of medical policy rest with the Director Medical Corps.  The Director Medical Corps has decided to proceed with the introduction of the Medical Questionnaire in the interests of best practice and pursuit of clinical excellence.

The document seeks detailed information on members medical and fitness circumstances both past and present.  Some of the information sought is quite technical and indeed may not be obvious to those filling out the document.

Furthermore, the document seeks members consent and declarations which could have career threatening implications.  Given this, it is very important that the Medical Questionnaire is completed with the full understanding of the member of both the terms the document uses and the implications for the individual’s career that could arise from it.

Given the above mentioned facts and the provision in the associated DMC Instruction 7/2011 that issues outstanding from the completion of the questionnaire can be addressed to the examining MO – PDFORRA advises all members to seek the advice of a MO on every occasion where they are required to fill out the questionnaire.  PDFORRA understands that it is intended that Medics will be available to advise on completion of the Medical Questionnaire.  Medics do not hold medical degree qualifications and are not responsible for the provision of advice on the level associated with or arising from the Medical Questionnaire.

PDFORRA understand that this will create a significant administrative burden on the medical service but is in the best interests of the health and careers of members of the Defence Forces.  PDFORRA understands that the Military Authorities are aware that a significant administrative burden will be created as a result of members seeking the assistance of MOs when completing the Medical Questionnaire.

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