INFORMATION CIRCULAR 28/2011 – Change of Station Allowances Clarification

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the last round of barrack closures difficulties arose for certain members who sought to claim change of station allowances.

The main criteria for claiming change of station allowances are that the person must be permanently transferred and not at their own request; the new station must be greater than 25 miles/40kms from the individuals place of residence and they must be a householder or owner occupier.

In relation to the requirement to be a householder or owner occupier a number of individuals found that they did not qualify under this criterion because they were living in an arrangement where they had no recognised utility bill in their name eg ESB, Gas, Eircom landline.  The Department has accepted joint name bills.  Moreover, the address used in respect of the main utility bills should be the address which is also recorded in the 43A.

While the Department says it will consider claims on a case by case basis it is not good enough to qualify to present bills from oil suppliers, mobile phones or similar suppliers of services in support of householder status.

Given the difficult position that the public finances are in and the falling numbers in the Defence Forces it is very possible that further consideration will be given to barrack closures in the near future.  All members should maximise the opportunity to claim the maximum amount of change of station allowances should barrack closures actually occur.

If further details are required on matters arising from this information circular please contact the head office.

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