INFORMATION CIRCULAR 27/2011 – RDF Allowance – Conciliation Council Discussions

By Industrial Relations Officer

While High Court proceedings have been set aside discussion have been taking place at the Conciliation Council on RDF Allowance in an industrial relations context.

During the discussions the Department of Defence has argued that RDF Allowance is a subsistence-type allowance and, accordingly, it should be discontinued and members of the RDF can claim subsistence (where they qualify).  This is essentially the same position that it has adopted in the Courts.

PDFORRA has argued that RDF Allowance is, in the main, an allowance more akin to rent allowance and an allowance in the nature of pay because it also compensates for the long/unsocial hours of duty associated with RDF Cadre service.  It is accepted that the allowance should be subject to tax but that it should not have been cut by 25% like subsistence based allowances.

PDFORRA is now at the stage of making its final submissions to the conciliation council and shortly after that it is expected that the issue will be referred for adjudication/arbitration.  The adjudication/arbitration process will take a number months to organise – but it offers the fairest way to address the issues that have arisen in respect of RDF Allowance.

Updates will be issued as the process move along towards an adjudication/arbitration hearing.

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