PDFORRA Acknowledges Deteriorating Public Finances But Does Not Think Pay Cuts Are Necessary


PDFORRA, the representative association for soldiers, sailors and aircrew in the Defence Forces, has stated that it will constructively engage with Government to help address the deteriorating public financial situation – but sees no need for this to involve cuts in the pay of its members. The statement comes following a Department of Finance brief on the deteriorating economic and budgetary environment.

PDFORRA Deputy General Secretary, Mr Simon Devereux, said “PDFORRA will constructively engage with Government to help address the current difficulties which we accept are significant. However, we believe that this can be achieved without cutting the pay of our members. Members of the Defence Forces work long hours in difficult circumstances on behalf of the state and deserve to have their incomes maintained”.

Simon Devereux also said “Any solution must take account of the reforms that the Defence Forces have undergone in recent years. The strength of the Defence Forces has decreased from 12,700 to 10,500 while activity on land, sea and air has significantly increased. Moreover, the Defence budget has fallen to 0.7% of GNP one of the lowest in the European Union. Overall this leaves very little room for further cuts”.

In tandem with other public sector unions and ICTU, PDFORRA will discuss the current economic and budgetary difficulties in an effort to reach a solution that is fair to its members and helps to restore sustainable public finances.

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