Information Circular No 21/2011 Review of Courses and Criteria for Extension, Re-Engagement and Continuance in Service – Post 1st Jan 1994 Entrants


Agreement has been reached on changes to the criteria governing extension, re-engagement and continuance in service of post – 1st Jan 1994 entrants – and also an amended list of courses that are necessary for each stage.

The changes to the criteria are as follows:

 1. In the previous agreement members seeking to re-engage had to have completed the necessary courses in the previous 3 year period. This created problems where members completed courses earlier and led to the situation where members were required to repeat some course within the 3 year period. The position now is that prior to re-engagement the courses must be completed in the previous 7 year period.

2. All courses that have been completed from the list from whatever Corps or Formation will now be taken into consideration for the purposes of extension, re-engagement and continuance in service.

3. The list of qualifying courses will be update and/or amended on an ongoing basis.

 The amended criteria and full current list of qualifying courses are outlined in ‘Annex A’ and ‘Annex PP’ respectively – and copies of these can be obtained from your committee.

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