PDFORRA Declares Support for the Resurrection of Social Partnership Talks by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions


PDFORRA, which is one of the largest representative organisations outside of ICTU, supports the efforts of Congresses to resurrect the Social Partnership process with Government and the employers. PDFORRA believes that this is the only way that the interests of low and middle income earners will be protected in the current financial crisis. Penalising one section of the workforce is an unjust and inequitable way of attempting to restore growth in the economy. Our banks are about to receive 7 billion of taxpayers money – while some of the executive salaries remain at over one million euro.

PDFORRA Deputy General Secretary, Simon Devereux said “The action of the Government in unilaterally imposing a pension levy on public servants following the breakdown of the social partnership talks is unfair to members of the Defence Forces – and they are very angry about the decision. PDFORRA members recognise that public servants will be making a contribution to the finances of the Country but expect this to be done in a fair and reasonable manner”.

Simon Devereux also said “PDFORRA’s position is that the pension levy is an unfair tax levied exclusively on public servants which should be replaced by other taxation measures on the workforce generally. Any tax changes should see those earning greater amounts paying greater amounts and the tax base should also be broadened to generate new revenues from yet untapped sources”.

PDFORRA estimates that on average, members of the Defence Forces will pay approximately €2,950 per annum, under the proposed pension levy. There are over 9,000 Enlisted Personnel serving in the Defence Forces.

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