Information Circular No 10/2011 – RDF ALLOWANCE (UPDATE)

By Industrial Relations Officer

Information Circular No 9 informed all members of the Department of Defence proposals to discontinue the payment of RDF Allowance and to make provision for the allowance by way of subsistence claims submitted in accordance with Civil Service travel and subsistence scheme.

 PDFORRAs position is that it accepted that any payments must be tax complaint and, accordingly, payments to RDF Cadre personnel must be re-structured to accommodate such payments.

 At a meeting with the Department of Defence on Friday 21st January 2011, PDFORRA requested that the instruction to discontinue RDF Allowance with effect from the 31st January 2011 be withdrawn and that both sides enter into negotiations under the Conciliation Council.

 PDFORRA also put the Department on notice that if such assurances were not forthcoming that the Association would refer the matter to the courts.  No assurances were forthcoming.

 On Monday 24th January 2011 the High Court put a stay on the Departments Instruction to discontinue the payment of RDF Allowance until the 11th February 2011 being the date by which the state has to file opposition papers and seek to have the stay lifted.  It is open to the Department of Defence to come into court before that date to have the stay set aside but this would have to be done on notice to the Association and it will be resisted in full.

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