Information Circular No 9/2011 – RDF ALLOWANCE

By Industrial Relations Officer

In early 2008 the Department of Defence informed PDFORRA that the Revenue Commissioners had conducted an audit and instructed that RDF Allowance would be subject to income tax deductions from a date in early 2008.  The court case taken by PDFORRA in relation to the 25% cut in RDF Allowance delayed implementation of the decision to apply income tax deductions.

 Following further contact from the Revenue Commissioners the Department has now informed PDFORRA that RDF Allowance must be tax compliant by the end of January 2011.  In this regard, it proposes to discontinue the payment of RDF Allowance and to make provision for the allowance by way of subsistence claims submitted in accordance with Civil Service travel and subsistence scheme.

 PDFORRAs position is that it accepted that any payments must be tax complaint and, accordingly, payments to RDF Cadre personnel must be re-structured to accommodate such payments.

 PDFORRA will enter discussions with the Department on its alternative proposals which have been broadly outlined previously in a discussion document.  PDFORRA will explore all options and spare no expense or effort to ensure that the best agreement possible is achieved for its members in this case.

Meetings are being organised around the country with the RDF Cadre membership to discuss the development and how best to proceed by way of alternative PDFORRA claims.  As many members as possible should attend the meetings to ensure all factors are taken into account in the forthcoming negotiations.

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