Croke Park Agreement – Position

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRAs National Executive Committee has decided to engage with the Department of Defence on the terms of the ‘Croke Park Agreement’.  The decision was taken on the 6th January 2011 at a special meeting of the National Executive Committee.

 The decision to engage with the terms of the ‘Croke Park Agreement’ is based mainly on the following factors:

  • The enhanced threat to allowances as a result of the terms of the National Recovery Plan which provides for cuts in the Defence budget of the order of €106 million and seeks reductions from payroll expenditure. 
  • The intention of the Department of Defence to implement the Defence Sector modernisation agenda unilaterally without recourse to the dispute resolution mechanism provided by the ‘Croke Park Agreement’. 
  • The fact that the ‘Croke Park Agreement’ now represents Government pay policy as agreed with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. 
  • The failure of the Department of Defence to agree to a more acceptable Defence Sector modernisation agenda. 
  • The further deterioration in the public finances since the original ballot on the ‘Croke Park Agreement’. 

PDFORRA is now of the view that the best forum to gain recognition for the modernisation that the Defence Sector has already carried out and to protect the pay of Enlisted Personnel is the ‘Croke Park Agreement’.

PDFORRA intends to engage with the Department of Defence on issues arising under the ‘Croke Park Agreement’ immediately.  It is intended that barrack-level meetings will be held before balloting the membership on the issue in the first three months of 2011.

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