Information Circular No 36/2010 – AID TO THE CIVIL AUTHORITY ALLOWANCE

By Industrial Relations Officer

Aid to the Civil Authority Allowance is paid in respect of duties carried out in support of the civil authorities other than occasions involving industrial action which are covered by MESA.

The rates of Aid to the Civil Authority Allowance are as follows:

  • Weekdays – €49.76
  • Saturdays (no working day as a rest day) – €74.70
  • Sundays and DF Holidays – €99.60

The following criteria apply to the payment of the allowance:

  1. The allowance is payable for attendance on duty for a period (s) appreciably in excess of normal daily routine/hours of attendance.
  2. The duty must provide direct support to the civil authorities.
  3. The support must have been requested by the civil authorities.

 Claims are being processed by the Military Authorities in accordance with the above mentioned criteria. Members should note that disagreement has arisen with the Department over payments for personnel on stand-by in barracks. This will see further discussions take place and possible referral to adjudication for resolution.

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