By Industrial Relations Officer

The Military Authorities have issued a training circular providing for a Pot NCO Course Re-currency Training Course. It has been issued by D DFT and it is intend that all pers whose Pot NCO Course qualification has elapsed by twelve (12) months will be required to complete and pass the course prior to being promoted. Crucially the proposed course has tests that must be passed to be Pot NCO Course qualified.

PDFORRA is of the view that all those who have completed and passed a Pot NCO Courses in recent years are, in fact, Pot NCO Course qualified and that this cannot be altered through the introduction of another course such as the re-currency course. It is PDFORRAs view that DFR A10 supports its position and that some change will have to be made regarding the status of re-currency training and its impact of those who have successfully completed a Pot NCO Course.

It is entirely possible for the Military Authorities to conduct re-currency training without it having any impact of the Pot NCO qualification status of those undergoing it.

PDFORRA has been involved in discussions with the Military Authorities for a number of weeks and expects to know the final position of the Military Authorities prior to the Christmas holidays.

A further circular will be issued regarding the outcome of the discussions as soon as the final position is known.

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