Information Circular No 33/2010 – SAVE MONEY TODAY AND EVERYDAY – Car Insurance/Mortgage Protection/Home Insurance/Life Assurance/Savings

By Industrial Relations Officer

Your health is your wealth; but just how healthy is your wealth?  Now is the right time to avail of a FREE Financial Health Check.

 PDFORRA are delighted to present O’Hanrahan & Associates in association with OHC Insurances Limited to provide independent financial advice to all members of PDFORRA.

 The main aim in providing this independent financial advice service is to ensure that each and every member of PDFORRA will know that they have the right cover and most suitable financial products at the best possible price available.

 In undertaking a Personal Finance Review with O’Hanrahan & Associates, the absolute minimum they want to achieve for our members, is to be able to tell them that they have the best value products/services available at present.  However ours and their experience is that this is not the position in most cases.  In the past they have achieved significant savings to the order of hundreds of Euros for our members who have availed of this Free Financial Review.

 Using market research tools, combined with the extensive number of Financial Institutions they do business with, they are able to source the best products from an extensive range of agency appointments at the most competitive prices for their clients.

 In addition, we believe that everyone needs a financial review at least on a 5 yearly basis.  So many things change in our lives during a 5 year span, e.g. you get married/separated, have children, get promoted or change job, start renting a home or want to save to buy your own home etc.  As a result of any or possibly two or three of these, our commitments change and hence our needs alter.

 Start the New Year off on a positive note and contact O’Hanrahan & Associates today on 01-2951266 / 01-2829447 or e-mail: alternatively log on to the members section of the PDFORRA website and complete the review online where a representative from O’Hanrahan & Associates will contact you in due course.

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