Information Circular No 31/2010 – Ensure You Secure the Cheapest Health Insurance

By Industrial Relations Officer

All members who have health insurance policies should review them to ensure that they are securing the cheapest policies that provide them with the level of cover that is required.

 In seeking to secure the best value all members should ask their health insurance provider for a quote – and follow this up with a request for another quote in respect of the equivalent company or corporate plan.  Health insurers do not promote the company or corporate plans to customers seeking individual or family policies – but once a caller asks for details of them they are entitled to receive them.

 The following comparison of individual v company/corporate plans gives an estimate of the levels of savings that can be achieved through securing company/corporate equivalents.

  • VHI Plan B Option €985.86 v VHI Company Plan plus level 1 €805 = Save €180.86
  • Quinn Essential Plus €854 v Quinn Company care with excess €705 = Save €149
  • Aviva Everyday Plan Level 2  €925 v Aviva business Plan Extra €799.10 = Save €125.90

 Savings in respect of families will obviously be higher.  When reviewing policies be aware that company policies are not exact equivalents of individual or family policies and, accordingly, the benefit list may be different in some respects.

 To get the best value out of a review, members should also consider the possibility of having different members of the family on different plans.

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