Information Circular No 30/2010 – Entitlement to Below Defence Forces Medical Standards Pension between 12 and 21 Years Service

By Industrial Relations Officer

Members who are discharged between 12 and 21 years service may be entitled to a Below Defence Forces Medical Standard Pension – subject to being discharged under DFR A10, Para 58(p) “Below Defence Forces Medical Standards”.

All members in the above position should ensure that the reason for discharge is recorded as “Below Defence Forces Medical Standards”.  If this is not the recorded reason for discharge there will be no entitlement to the pension.

 In particular members who have been serving without engagement may find themselves processed for discharges as “termination of engagement”.  In these circumstances they would have no entitlement to a “Below Defence Forces Medical Standards”.  In such circumstances individuals should request to be discharged as Below Defence Forces Medical Standards.

 PDFORRA is seeking clarification of the attitude of the Military Authorities in relation to the above mentioned circumstances and trying to ensure that those discharged for medical reasons secure the maximum possible pension entitlements.

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