Information Circular No 20/2010

By General Secretary


 The main points of clarification on matters arising from the Public Sector Agreement issued recently are as follows:

 Pay: It has been confirmed that the Government will operate the clause that states, “The implementation of this Agreement is subject to no unforeseen budgetary deterioration”, in a bona fide manner.

 Though priority will be given in the Spring 2011 review of public service employees with pay rates of €35,000 or less, this does not prevent staff with salaries in excess of that amount from benefiting from this initial or subsequent yearly reviews.

 Compulsory Redundancy: The Government have committed to no compulsory redundancy actions on the basis that the redeployment arrangements in the draft agreements are utilised as an alternative to redundancy where staff have become surplus for whatever reason in order to fill vacancies that are approved for filling in accordance with Government policy.

 Redeployment: It has been confirmed that Government will operate redeployment in a reasonable manner and with due regarded for personal circumstances. There will not be serial or multiple redeployments.

 Pensions: The Government has clarified that no change in the current arrangements for the indexation of pensions for current public service pensioners and serving public servants will be implemented during the period of the Agreement.

 A separate process of engagement is underway between the Department of Finance and Trade Union representatives, including PDFORRA and the Department of Defence, on the new pension arrangements for 2010 entrants which has its own dedicated dispute resolution mechanism.

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