Information Circular No 19/2010

By General Secretary

PDFORRA New & Improved Group Specified Illness Cover

PDFORRA is continually endeavouring to provide the best range of products and services to our members.

If you or particularly your partner is diagnosed with a serious illness your household income may fall dramatically. How would you and your family cope financially if either of you suffered a serious illness?  The Specified Illness Cover plan provides PDFORRA members with peace of mind and financial support in the event that you or your partner falls ill.  It can help pay for home modifications, lifestyle changes and medications that might be needed after a diagnosis or event.

In the past 5 years, the plan has paid out more than €500,000 to 12 of our colleagues and their spouses. 

The new and improved scheme now pays a full payment if you are diagnosed with one of 36 conditions, this was previously 26. The scheme also includes a new partial payment of €10,000 on an additional 10 conditions. The partial payment is the first of its kind in the Irish market and 8 of the 10 partial payment conditions are brand new to the Irish market.

What is the benefit level under the plan and how much does it cost?

 This plan is designed to provide €70,000 cover for you/and your spouse/partner. Individual cover costs €3.00 per week. To cover yourself and your spouse/partner; costs as little as €6.00 per week. Furthermore your children are automatically covered for €15,000 free of charge.

Full detail of the scheme including an online application facility and application forms for download are available in our members section of the website     Don’t risk your family’s future financial security. Irrespective of age, if you haven’t already joined consider doing so now.

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