Information Circular No 18/2010

By Deputy General Secretary


 PDFORRA is aware that on certain occasions members have not received their Security Duty Allowance (SDA) and Patrol Duty Allowance (PDA) payments on the normal monthly basis. It is often explained as necessary because of exceeding the unit budget or as a failure to process the necessary paperwork. This is entirely unacceptable particularly so in the current economic circumstances.

 On every occasion where this occurs or is threatened PDFORRA will endeavour to secure the payments on or as soon as possible following the normal scheduled payment dates. This will involve discussions with the Military Authorities and or the Department of Defence.

 It is also the case that such late payments may in fact constitute a breach of the Payment of Wages Act, 1991. This Act provides that any non-payment of wages or any deficiency in the amount of wages owed is regarded as an unlawful deduction unless the deficiency or non-payment is attributable to an error of computation.

 PDFORRA has notified the Military Authorities and the Department of Defence of this view and has asked them to operate the payment of allowances such as SDA and PDA in compliance with its provisions. However, committees and members should be vigilant and ensure that the Acts provisions are actually enforced.

 Generally it should be possible to secure the payment of SDA, PDA etc on the correct dates in negotiations with the Military Authorities and Department of Defence – however should this fail the case may be referred to a Rights Commissioner under the Payment of Wages Act, 1991.

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