PDFORRA Lobbies Fianna Fail Parliamentary Party.

By Deputy General Secretary

Following on from the lobby of all Government TDs, PDFORRA and the Garda Representative Body (GRA) was invited to give a presentation to the Fianna Fail Parliamentary Party in Dail Eireann on Wednesday 24th March 2010.

 The PDFORRA team consisted of the  Vanessa Fox Vice President, Simon Devereux Deputy General Secretary, Paddy Fitzhenry Regional Liaison Officer, Ken Holland National Executive and Mick McKenzie National Executive, the meeting was organised by Deputy Noel O’Flynn Cork North Central and was attended by 23 TDs 13 Senators and 1 Junior Minister from constituencies  right across the country.

 PDFORRA’s presentation concentrated on a number of issues of concern among its membership including the following.

The reductions in the Defence Forces since 1996 and the White Paper on Defence.

The reform of the Defence Forces under successive pay agreements

The McCarthy Report recommendations which seen a reduction of 500 additional personnel over a five month period in 2009.  

Gross Domestic Product @ 0.5% being the lowest in all of Europe

The closure of 9 barracks in addition to the disposal of other smaller properties and land.

The Recognition that the Defence Forces has been held up as a model of reform.

The lack of recruitment and promotion in the Defence Forces.

Soldiers dependent on Family Income Supplement.

Scores of young junior soldiers qualified for promotion and performing these duties without pay.

Fair treatment for members of the Defence Force

The ageing fleet of Naval Service vessels where personnel are required to serve in cramped and noisy conditions, with no indications of a vessel replacement programme and the  lack of recruitment and promotion in the NS and the detrimental effect on personnel because of the lack of number.

An effective  Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme

The last ERSI report found that a private soldier in the DF was paid less than their private sector comparator (security worker)    

The meeting lasted for over two hours with a very lively question and answer session and it was the view of the PDFORRA delegation that the lobby went very well and informed TDs of the actual reform of the Defence Forces. 


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