Information Circular No 10/2010: CHILDREN’S ALLOWANCE

By Industrial Relations Officer

Para 78 of DFR S3 provides for the payment of a Children’s Allowance to certain members of the Permanent Defence Forces at the rate of €2.11.

 Children’s Allowance is payable in the following circumstances to members who have qualifying children.

 1.         Only members who enlisted on or before 1st January 1979 qualify

 2.         Except in the case of those enlisting after this date where, immediately before such enlistment, a member served in the PDF, the First Line Reserve, An Fóras Cosanta Áitiúil or an Slua Muirí on an engagement which commenced prior to the 1st January 1979, and

 who was discharged for the purposes of enlisting or re-enlisting, as the case may be in the PDF.

Members who qualify should initiate claims through unit pay clerk inclusive of details for payment of arrears.

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