Information Circular 5/2010: LARIUM SIDE EFFECTS

By Deputy General Secretary

PDFORRA has been engaged in discussions regarding the appropriate anti-malaria drug that should be issued to members who are serving overseas on missions where a malaria risks exists. The question of side effects from taking Larium has been a constant feature of these discussions.

 PDFORRA wishes to establish to what extent members have developed or believed that they have developed side effects from taking larium – particularly where this has had a lasting effect.

 Members who have experienced or believe they have experienced larium side effects are asked to pass their details, on a confidential basis, to Gerry Rooney, General Secretary. This information will allow PDFORRA to estimate the number of cases that exist.

 PDFORRA is also determining which anti-malaria drug is used by colleagues in other EU armed forces represented by EUROMIL and by other Irish Public Servants who serve overseas as part of their duties.

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