Family Income Supplement (FIS)

By Deputy General Secretary

Due to the ongoing attack on the pay of members of the Defence Forces an increasing number of our members may be entitled to receive Family Income Supplement (FIS).  FIS is a tax free payment made through the Department of Social and Family Affairs to families on low incomes.  The qualifying criteria are as follows:

 Be in full employment which is expected to last three months

  • Work at least 19 hours per week or 38 hours per fortnight
  • Have at least one qualifying child who lives with you or is supported by you. (A qualifying child is any child under 18 or aged 18-22 in full time education)
  • Have an average family income below the income limit, which is shown below and is reviewed periodically


Size of Family Income Limit

Wef January 2010

1 Child €506
2 Children €602
3 Children €703
4 Children €824
5 Children €950
6 Children €1066

 Family Income Supplement is calculated at 60% of the difference between your net family weekly income (which is Gross Pay minus Tax, PRSI, Health Contribution, Superannuation, 2% Income Levy) and the income limit for your family size.

 For Example

A family has three children and has a weekly assessable family income of €535.  As the income limit for that family is €703.00, the following calculation is done:

Income Limit                €703.00

Family Income              €535.00

Difference                     €168.00

168 x 60%                   €100.80

 The Family Income Supplement due to this family is €100.80 Euros per week.

 Members who avail of Parental Leave and reduce their family income may have an entitlement to Family Income Supplement.  The minimum amount of FIS is €20 Euros per week and payments continue for 52 weeks provided you continue to meet the qualifying criteria.  However at the end of the 52 week period you must re-apply for FIS. It should also be noted that Family Income Supplement is not subject to tax.

 Entitlement is not affected by whether the claimant is

  • Married or Unmarried,
  • living with a spouse or a partner, or
  • A one parent family

 For further information on Family Income Supplement or an application, please contact:

 Family Supplement Section

Social Welfare Services Office

Government Buildings

Balinalee Road,


Tel. 043 45211

 A full comprehensive list of entitlements and information on all Social Welfare entitlements can be found on

 Members who believe that they are entitled to FIS should review their financial circumstances in the context of the recently announced pay cuts.

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