Revised Cost of Living Packages

By Deputy General Secretary

Agreement has been reached at the Conciliation Council on revised cost of living packages in respect of NCO postings to Brussels, Paris, Stockholm and London. The revised arrangements are based on new grade equivalents which have led to the improved packages for some of the ranks involved. The arrangements are as follows:

 Rank                           Old Grade Equivalents                       New Grade Equivalents

Sgt Major                      EO                                                       (HEO+EO)/2

BQMS                          EO                                                       (HEO+EO)/2

CS                                EO                                                       EO

CQMS                          EO                                                       EO

Sgt                               SO                                                       (SO+CO)/2

  The changes should see improved packages for the ranks of Sgt Major; BQMS and Sergeant because their grade equivalents are higher. An example of this is the rank of Sergeant Major (Married and unaccompanied) while serving in Stockholm, Sweden which has increased from   €11, 580 to €16,470.

  PDFORRA has also sought the inclusion of MSA in the grade equivalent formula. The Department did not agree to this during the negotiations and it will be referred to adjudication at a future date for third party determination.

 More detailed figures can be secured from the National Office in respect of the various missions.

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