Post April 2004 Personnel – Pension Contributions Refund

By Deputy General Secretary

Members who enlisted into the Permanent Defence Forces on or after 1st April 2004 were overcharged in relation to their Spouses’ and Children’s pension contributions.  The value of the repayments due to individual members will depend on length of service and vary from approximately €250 to €1500.

 The contributions rates for the Spouses and Children’s pension in respect of personnel who enlisted in the PDF on or after 1st April 2004 are calculated as follows:

 First 20 Years of Service:                  Periodic contribution deducted from the member’s weekly pay of 1.5 % of net remuneration.

 Service in Excess of 20 Years:          Double contributions.

 Gross Remuneration:                        Gross Remuneration means current basic pay plus pensionable allowances in the nature of pay and additional pay.

 Net Remuneration:                            Net Remuneration means gross remuneration less twice the maximum rate of State Pension Contributory (SPC) payable from time to time to a single person with no dependants.

 Members enlisted into the Defence Forces since April 2004, paid contributions from Gross Remuneration rather than from Net Remuneration which was incorrect.  From now on contributions will be paid from Net Remuneration only.



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