By Deputy General Secretary
 Department of Defence has informed PDFORRA, which represents soldiers, sailors and airmen/women of the Defence Forces, that it must break contact with the 24/7 Front Line Service Alliance.  This group went public last week in its efforts to highlight the ongoing cuts in pay and allowances faced by its members.

Gerry Rooney, General Secretary of PDFORRA said, “We are extremely disappointed with the response of the Minister and his officials to our efforts to represent our members all around the country.  We were involved with the 24/7 alliance, we did not join any body or group – in our efforts to protect our members from further cuts in pay and allowances”.

Rooney went on to say, “We made it very clear at the 24/7 press conference last week that we would not be taking any action, which would contravene our ‘stated role’ and yet we have now been essentially silenced.  PDFORRA is not a member of ICTU so we have no voice at the table when our member’s interests are being discussed”.
We will continue to do everything possible to ensure that our member’s interests will not be ignored in the very difficult months ahead.  PDFORRA will continue to give support to the objectives of the 24/7 Alliance.

Members of the Defence Forces have been hit hard with pension and income levies. There is every indication that our members are going to pay even further for the mistakes of others and this is unjust and unacceptable.





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