Dignity Charter For The Defence Forces


We the Defence Forces of Ireland commit ourselves to working together to maintain a service environment, whether within the State or when deployed overseas, that encourages and supports the right to dignity at work. All personnel of the Defence Forces are expected to respect the right of each individual to dignity in their work environment and in all activities of their service.

Command and authority will be exercised in such a manner that all personnel are respected for their individuality and diversity.

Bullying, sexual harassment or harassment in any form is NOT accepted by us and will NOT be tolerated. Our policies, procedures and actions will underpin the principles and objectives of this Charter.

All service personnel and civilians employed by us have a duty and a responsibility to uphold this Charter.

Commanders at all levels have a specific responsibility to promote the provisions of this Charter.

(Nothing in the Charter overrules an individual’s legal and statutory rights)

This Charter is endorsed by:
Permanent Defence Force Other Ranks Representative Association;
Representative Association of Commissioned Officers;
Reserve Defence Force Representative Association

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